Aido Network International in Partnership with the Global African Royal Kingdom is set to invest over USD $3 Million dollars in the Teso region as part of the reconnection agenda aimed at encouraging the Historic African Diaspora to return to their ancestral roots.

The organization is embarking on attracting Tourism and investment opportunities to Uganda through the organizations reconnection agenda, aimed at reconnecting the long-lost brothers and sisters of Africa to their roots with the aim of forming developmental partnerships and tracing their roots.

In the month of May 2023, AIDO Network International coordinated the maiden reconnection journey that begun in Kenya’s coastal City Mombasa and later ended in Uganda.

The pilgrims were awe stricken by Uganda’s diverse opportunities which later birthed the second reconnection journey to the pearl of Africa.

On the 17th of October 2023, a team of distinguished members of the Diaspora Royal kingdom commissioned a one-of-a-kind project estimated to be worth about 7 billion Uganda shillings expected to commence soon and run for the next 2-3 years.

The multi billion project was launched in Oderai quarters, Soroti district, North Eastern Uganda.

Queen Mother Asianut Acom II professionally known as Dr. Hillary Brown, Q.M Dr. ChenziRa Davis-Kahina, Princess Jenny Abbensetts and Chief Arley Sirimbi were the Royals who represented the global African diaspora Kingdom in launching the multi billion founding stone of Soroti Royal resort.

\”We would love to appreciate the Emorimor of Iteso Papa Sande Emolot for welcoming us warmly and making us feel at home \” said Q.M Hillary Acom the leader of the royal delegation.

The LC5 and district chairperson Mr. Stephen Ochola, welcomed the vistors and pledged to work hand in hand with them to develop the Teso region.

The resort is visioned to be built in a way that represents the roots of Africa Comprising a museum with a special section of the history of Africa and her diaspora.

The royals were led by the global president of AIDO Network international, His Highness Paul Jones Eganda, the vision bearer of the reconnection agenda.

The resort is one of many other projects in the pipeline set to commence in the North Eastern Part of Uganda, courtesy of the reconnection Agenda.

Written by: Agnes Namale
AIDO Secretariat.


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