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Administrative Structure of GADK


  • Global African Diaspora Kingdom (GADK), doing business as the Diaspora Royal Kingdom
  • Non-profit
  • Registered in the United States in Houston, Texas

Gadk Objectives

  • Foster a united global Africa committed to the development and advancement of Africa and its diaspora
  • Build collaboration and reconnection between African royalty and their historical diaspora
  • Facilitate the return and reunification of Africans through various means such as DNA testing, cultural education, trade, and investment
  • Coordinate and implement activities on reparatory justice, human rights, culture, trade, investment, and youth engagement
  • Extend and strengthen the influence of Indigenous African Traditional and Cultural Leaders and their communities, emphasizing education, spirituality, and recognition
  • Represent and amplify the traditions, customs, and norms of African kingdoms in the diaspora
  • Engage in global advocacy to support the return of stolen cultural property from traditional kingdoms in Africa


  • The Supreme Council
  • The Royal Council of African Indigenous Leaders
  • The Royal Chamber
  • The Commission


  • Governing body (Board) of the Kingdom
  • 7 – 9 members
  • Members serve 2 year terms
  • Chairperson, President, First VP, Second VP, General Secretary, Treasurer, Commissioner
  • All Members of the Board must be enstooled or coronated royals for at least one year, who have accomplished the royal pilgrimage to Africa through the AIDO Royal Community and are subscribed members of GADK
  • Chairperson is a serving leader at the rank of King, Paramount Chief, or Queen for a minimum of 2 years; enstooled in at least 3 indigenous kingdoms in the AIDO royal community and a subscribed member of the Global African Diaspora Kingdom
  • The President of the Supreme Council is appointed by the Royal Council of African Indigenous Leaders in consultation with the Chairperson
  • The First Vice President has primary responsibility for resource mobilization for the effective functioning of the Kingdom
  • The Second Vice President has primary responsibility to provide support for the effective functioning of the organs of the Kingdom
  • The Chief Commissioner has responsibility for the management of the projects and programmes of the Kingdom which are implemented through a team of Commissioners who chair programme committees


  • Advisory body to the Supreme Council constituted by African Royal Indigenous Leaders, who are members of AIDO Royal Community
  • approve appointments, enstoolments and coronations
  • Arbitrate any conflicts in the Kingdom
  • Suspend or recall appointments of any member of the Royal Chamber
  • Members of the Council are appointed by the Chairman in consultation with
  • Members serve a 2 year term
  • Members are appointed by the President of AIDO Network International in consultation with the Council of AIDO Royal Community


  • Constituted by persons who have been coronated or enstooled by the AIDO royal community and who are subscribed members of the GADK
  • Founders have permanent membership in the Kingdom


  • Administrative body of the Kingdom headed by the Chief Commissioner, supported by Commissioners who implement the policies, programs, and projects of the Kingdom
  • There will be Commissioners and Committees for Membership and Recognition; Reconnection and Repatriation; Reparations; Trade and Investment; Culture and Education; Marketing and Communications; Fundraising, Special Projects and Events; Finance and Audit


  • The Nominating Committee comprising the Chairman, the President and the Chairperson of the Council of Traditional Leaders, has responsibility to prepare a list of eligible prospective members for election to the Supreme Council and submit the list to the Council of Traditional Leaders for approval
  • Nominating Committee is disbanded after an election and reconstituted 2 months before the next election (which are held every 2 years)