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Journey of Reconnection to Africa Part III

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The Global African Diaspora Kingdom, a non-profit organization established to foster a united  global  Africa  committed  to  the  development  and  advancement  of  Africa  and  its  diaspora,  is pleased to announce the Journey of Reconnection Part III in traditional kingdoms in Kenya and Uganda from 13 October – 2 November 2024, in collaboration with AIDO Network International.

Integral to the reparatory justice agenda which has been championed by the CARICOM Reparations Commission since 2013, is recognition of the need for psychological healing, cultural and spiritual reconnection of Africans in the diaspora to the motherland, having been forcefully separated from the African continent through the brutal system of capture, trafficking and enslavement, perpetrated by Europeans for over 300 years. The separation caused a traumatic loss of language, community, culture, spirituality, names and the important tradition of royalty. Further, systemic racism resulting from the heinous practice of slavery, continues to hinder the advancement of Africans globally.

AIDO Network International that brings 645 kingdoms in Africa together, as well as other stakeholders in culture, education and human rights in Africa and Europe, has facilitated the recognition of over 50 persons in the diaspora who have been welcomed back home by indigenous leaders across the continent.

Building on the tremendous success of the first and second Journeys of Reconnection held in May and October 2023 respectively in Kenya and Uganda, the third Journey of Reconnection will focus on community engagement, recognition and initiation of diaspora royals, in the Pokomo and Ilwana Royal Kingdoms in Kenya, and the Ateker nation in Uganda. The delegation will participate in a Symposium on Reparations for Africa and the Americas at Pwani University in Kilifi, Kenya and launch or commission several projects led by the Diaspora Kingdom in education, health, tourism and business investments.

You are invited to consult the Programme and Budget for additional information on the Reconnection visit and register on the websites and; email: or