It was un ending ululations and joyful sounds as the diaspora royal delegation was ushered into the Pokomo community of Kenya.

Led by H.R.M Dr. Macorani -A- Mungase VII, The Pokomo people are a Bantu ethnic group of southeastern Kenya.They are a distinct ethnic group with their own sub-clans/tribes.They are predominantly agriculturalists and both freshwater and ocean fishermen living along the Tana River in Tana River County.

Largely known for his outstanding humanitarian work, HRM Dr Macorani Mungase VII, the King of the Royal Pokomo Royal Nation has been fundamental in facilitating the AIDO Network reconnection agenda.

After their successful visit to the eastern part of Uganda, the diaspora royal delegation continued to Kenya where the Pokomo Kingdom elders will officially welcome them home,undergo tribal induction and eventually be adopted as children of that community, with a naming ceremony. Eventually after meeting the tasks, they will be enstooled into the community.

The reconnection agenda is spearheaded by the AIDO Network and Dr Hilary Brown aka Queen Asianut Acom II, the Director of Culture and Youth at the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana.

The royal delegation to Kenya includes: Princess Jenny Abbensetts Ghamachana from America , Queen Mother Dr Chenzira Davies Kahina from the virgin islands of America. Chief Arley Gill Salimbi Omwene from Granada, Chief Calton Darby from Canada and Chief Damien Dublin from the Dominica republic.

Agnes Namale