On January 4, 2024, the AIDO Royal delegation, led by His Highness Paul Jones Eganda, President of AIDO International, visited the University of West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica. They had an esteemed meeting with Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, the Vice Chancellor overseeing 5 campuses of the University of West Indies and also serving as the Paramount Chief of the Global African Diaspora Kingdom.

Accompanying President Paul Jones Eganda were several royals, including HRH Queen Vickylextar Okang-Sowah of the Omanye Royal Kingdom, HM Princess Queen Jenny Gamachana, HRH Queen Dr. Hillary Brown (also known as Queen Asianut Acom II), Queen Mother Professor ChenziRa Davis-Kahina Adeke, and Lady Chrystal Urbureau.

The meeting centered around pivotal issues such as Reparatory Justice and the strides made in AIDO\’s mission to reconnect the Diaspora with African Kingdoms. Professor Beckles shared details about his involvement in editing UNESCO\’s 9th Book of African History, expressing confidence that it would significantly reshape our understanding of the Africa\’s history.

\”The book will completely revolutionize the History we have all learned about the African continent,\” affirmed Professor Beckles.

Currently, the royal delegation is in Jamaica, commemorating the anniversary of the 1738 maroon treaty and honoring the legacy of the great Captain Kojo.

Bessie Sarowiwa

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