Born Claudia Etornam Kudzi to Nicholas Yao Kudzi of Gbi-Abansi and Elizabeth Nyewolemah of Gbi-Kpeme, Mama Dzidoasi I is a sub-divisional queen from Gbi Traditional Area; the queen of Abansi-Asedukluvi.

At the young age of 20, in the year 2006, while studying marketing at the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) – now University of Professional Studies (UPS) – Ms. Kudzi was enstooled as Mama Dzidoasi I by the elders of Gbi-Abansi. She effectively occupied a brand-new stool representing the Asedukluvi clan of the town and began her reign as the very first from Abansi in that position.

For Mama Dzidoasi I, traditional leadership is a family thing. Her paternal grandfather, Fidelix Yao kudzi, of blessed memory, was the first Asafoatse of Gbi-Abansi. Her maternal great grandfather (mother’s maternal grandfather), Daniel Zikpi Anyigba, also was the first Asafoatse of Gbi Kpeme.

During her reign, she has been able to become: the Regional Chair: Volta Lands Commission, Member: National Lands Commission and Co-organizer of seminar for chiefs and queens of Hohoe Municipal Area as part of the Ghana at 50 Celebration.

She successfully solicited support from the Austrian High Commission through the Volta Foundation to build a six-sitter environmentally friendly latrine for Abansi-Adzage Kofe, secured sponsorship from Tigo, lobbed support from Ghana Education Service and Ghana Aids Commission through her office, Dzidoasi Community Development, to organize an AIDS’ day quiz to mark World AIDS’ Day observation for junior high schools in the Hohoe municipality.

Mama Dzidoasi joined Aido Network in 2019 and was one of Aido Royal delegation to South Africa for the world Peace Summit. Although highly placed in the government ladder as chair of the Volta land Commission, she is an accomplished businesses woman in Ghana, a lawyer by profession and an advocate for a Global Africa.

Namale Agnes
AIDO Sectariat.



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