The Journey Of Reconnection To Mother Africa Part 3

The Global African Diaspora Kingdom welcomes your kind contributions to our GoFundMe campaign to support our charity projects in Africa and assist our members – especially youth and elders – to experience the spiritual healing and harmony of reconnecting with mother Africa.

Africans in the diaspora have long suffered the pain of physical and spiritual separation from their roots in Africa as a result of the immoral and barbaric system of slavery which was endured for over 300 years and the racism and denial of the value and richness of African heritage which is experienced up until today. The GADK arranges annual reconnection visits to Africa for psychological healing, increasing understanding of African traditions, spirituality and identity and providing support for community development projects.

The GADK currently supports schools in rural Uganda with supplies for teachers and students, reconstructing classrooms that were damaged; and donated tanks for consistent water supply at a nursing school as well as sporting equipment.

The GADK also donated items to new mothers on the maternity ward of a hospital in Uganda and supplied solar lighting on the compound so the facility can function effectively at night.

In Kenya in early 2024, the GADK provided food and other relief items for the flood victims in the Ilwana/Pokomo communities after heavy rains caused the Tana River to overflow its banks, causing much dislocation and hardship to many residents.

The GADK also made a donation towards the completion of a Mosque in the Pokomo community.

With your donation we will be able to do a lot more.

We appreciate your contribution – 

thank you! Bayete!

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